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Hi there. This is Magicjuan, one of the moderators at this brand spankin' new community. This comm was created by my lovely girlfriend Melissa and myself. We may be a happy couple, but Disneyland is my mistress and her secret lover. Actually, she and I are quite content with our little love triangle, as we have decided that the park is big enough for us to share...but I get the Tiki Room.

While there are already a couple of Disneyland themed communities on Livejournal, Melissa and I still believed that we were justified in adding another one into the mix. You see, we both have an endearing love with Disneyland, and find that enchanted place occupying our every waking thoughts. We needed to create this community so that we would have a cistern in which to channel our intense adoration of the park so that it will not surface at inopportune moment and interfere with our daily lives out in the real world.

Of course, it would be impossible as well as inadvisable to completely purge one's mind of Disneyland, and that is not what we are trying to do. Our goal is to merely create a center to focus our Disney-related energies, and maybe put it all to good use as well.

What we are hoping to do with this community is to establish a sort of Town Square or City Hall on the internet for all lovers of Disneyland; the young, and the young at heart. Melissa and I will be posting our stories, pictures, and reflections of Disneyland, and we hope that you will too. Took a trip to the Magic Kingdom last weekend? We want to hear about it. Notice something new, or see something you love missing or closed down? Enlighten us. Visit the park with the family years ago but haven't been back since? Go ahead and ramble off your fondest memories. And you don't need to restrain yourself either. We want to hear about any Disney theme park experience you've had, although our emphasis will be on the Anaheim park.

With the 50th Anniversary of the park less than a year away at this writing, I think that this is a prime time to swap stories and memories, and celebrate the place that has brought so much joy to so many people for half a century. As our member list grows, we plan to have theme weeks, contests, and maybe even special events to take place off of cyberspace in the real world. So come along, find your laughing place and tell us your tale.
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